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Here’s a poem written by Vishnu Sree G (known as ‘Shivun’) of 2010-EC-A ( http://www.orkut.com/Profile.aspx?uid=15822096051701324594 ) on being at CEC. He’s done this in association with 2010 batch’s completion of 2 years at CEC on 9th October, 2008. And it’s here:


Second Anniversary at CEC

Rocking on and on, and on and on,
Looking back from where we took on,
We remember a date from the mix,
That says 9th October 2006!

Twas when we started to go on!
Rocking on and on, and on and on!

From the deep red hands that touched our foreheads,
From the hustling sweet voices that welcomed us in!
Listening to speeches that tired our ears!
Fearing the buzzing sounds at the corridors near!
From there we went on and on!
Rocking on and on, and on and on!

Having gloomy eyes and a smiling face,
That’s often pissed up our elders grace!
Meeting each other, making new friends!
Knowing each other and adapting to new trends!
We just went on and on!
Rocking on and on, and on and on!

Some finding love that would stay forever,
Some still go behind, though she said never!
Some find new ones better than old,
Some say, “LOVE!! I have no hold!”
Yet, we went on and on!
Rocking on and on, and on and on!

Sports, arts and college days,
That made us and our elders peers!
Together we sang together we played!
Thereby making us each other’s dear!
Thus, we went on and on!
Rocking on and on, and on and on!

Hopelessly studying in those hectic nights,
Amassing a lot to make tomorrows bright,
Rewarded some with flying colours and eighties,
While others stricken with sorrows and supplies!
Still, we went on and on!
Rocking on and on, and on and on!

Strangers came in, whom together we dealt,
Polishing them up and making them melt!
Though, it was a bit too late!
We found the same spirits within our mates!
So, together we went on and on!
Rocking on and on, and on and on!

Hand in hand as we go,
Toward what, that everyone knows!
The sadness and despair of leaving our dears!
Stop it guys!! We’ll think of it next year!

Just as we were, just as we are,
Lets just go on and on,
Rocking on and on!

—Vishnu Sree G



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Arunanand T A,

CEC 2010 CS.


  • Really awesome, r8????
    Congratzzz Shivun… Great work…

  • Jithesh

    Gr8 talent yaar!!!…..
    Keep it up!!!…..

  • rakeshbalasubramanian

    nice man …
    and good work ARUN
    CEC ki jai!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks Raku…..

  • cherian

    eda kiddillan

  • jofin

    Great work Vishnu and congrats taa..

  • rahul

    awesome work vishnu
    really nice…

  • Ria Ann

    Awesome da!! Didn’t know u were a cool budding poet too along with being a topper…As u say..Rock on!! 🙂 Great job, Arun….Keep it up..:)

  • Jaseen jamal

    man…..sure i must say….vishnu…uve really got a talent in u….
    keep up d good work man…..cec rockz…..

    nd arun… i really appreciate ur effort in bringing up dis blog….kewl….

  • well done………. gud job arun…………and u deserve a special congrats…………

  • Sanoop Thomas


  • Binoo

    Render, upload to esnips, add as audio widget to the post. over over.

  • sheej


    Vishnu, u have done a wonderful job man……………….


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  • jacquiline

    good work guys…………u hav got an amazing talent vishnu…..