Why I Chose Indian Navy: Ajith C A (CEC 2011) Talks to CEC Blog

CEC has produced a good bunch of military personnel. And CEC has always been proud of its alumni serving the country in the three forces, who’re constant sources of inspiration for the current students. Ajith C A belongs to the 2011 batch of CEC, who is now with the Indian Navy. A proud CECian, and patriot – Ajith talks to CEC blog on why he chose the service and how it’s going at his end:

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Ajith C A - CEC 2011

Ajith C A – CEC 2011

Why Navy?

In the second year of college, when I started learning the core subjects of CS, I doubted whether I had come the right way. To be frank, I was just following the crowd until then. When I got placed in Accenture after studies and started working, it struck me that what had occurred to me during college days was actually true. It was then I decided to kill the software engineer inside me and follow the heart. Uniforms and decorations have fascinated me since childhood. I have always dreamt of adorning one and living the life of a military man.  The stories of Maj John Paul (CEC 2008 batch) and Lt Rahul Raj (2010 batch) which had been doing its rounds in the college were an added inspiration. I had no liking to join specifically the Navy but after a brief stint at Accenture, the first SSB I cleared was of the Indian Navy’s and that is how I am here.

Services- the take away

Discipline is an integral part of the service, and gets dissolved in your blood even before you know it. You become more organized in life and punctual. You realize what camaraderie really is. You have your men under you whose welfare you need to look after and that makes you more responsible and worldly wise. You get to know how to carry yourself and that makes you evolve in to a better man. Right time, right place, right rig is the mantra in service and it gets etched in your life in no time.

What is the job profile like?

                Navy recruits officers for their Executive, Electrical, Engineering, IT, Education, Logistics and Aviation branches twice a year. One gets trained professionally on his respective branch soon after his basic training in the Indian Naval Academy. You are to deliver the best in any of the task assigned thereafter. Service gives you myriad of profiles which you will never adorn in any of the jobs outside. You get first-hand experience in a lot of areas which you had never thought of until then. You may come across many challenges which require immediate decision making and it could range from very silly to life threatening.


The orientation course in the Indian Naval Academy is of a very high standard. Every moment spent there is a learning experience. The training is well organized that it imparts the very basics of the various naval subjects. Moreover, the physical training may come so harsh on you, that the before and   after pics may resemble the Gajini posters of Aamir Khan provided you don’t sham around. You find yourself systematic in no time. I bet that anyone who passes out from the portals of the academy would have transformed way better into a new personality. The best thing about military training establishments is that they entertain hobbies like shooting, equitation, golf etc which you can pick up and prove your worth.

A parade view at INA

A parade view at INA

How to get in to the service?

The Indian armed forces invites application twice a year via newspaper ads. The qualification criteria as well as the age limitations will be clearly mentioned. Those who satisfy the requirements will be called for a Service Selection Board interview which goes up to five days. The candidate will be assessed psychologically & physically and interviewed as well. This is followed by a thorough medical check-up at any of the military hospitals. If you manage to get this far, you have reached the turning point of your life. The gates of the academy will be open once the call letter makes its way to your home.

Look for Indian Navy opportunities here: http://nausena-bharti.nic.in/forthcomingOfficer.php