Committee List prepared

Hi all,
We have prepared the Committee and Event member list (special thanks to Alok Mohan), as the teachers have asked us to submit it by today. Sojo is at home and he called today. He was in search of Poster n Brochure printing related issues, its price and all for last few days. Thanks to him for the work done.
Phone numbers of girls have not attached for security reasons. Each head will be given the contacts of the members of his Committee or event individually. Each head has to plan with the teacher dedicated for that event, as for now. Later discussions in this regard may be done in a meeting that’s supposed to be conducted next week at the college. It’s a very urgent and important issue and so every one is requested to co-operate.
There is a SMS Gup Shup group of all the heads, and you guys will be invited to the group. It’s not like My Today. In My Today you have to send a message to join the group. But in SMS Gup Shup, you need not do so; we can invite you and add you directly and you need not spend your money in any respect. We think it’s a good idea to do so for keeping our communication much more easier.

Also, as we approached Mr. Anoop K.J, he suggested that we may use .org instead of .com for the official web site. Also, he suggests and not to include 08 as the same domain can be used for all the SUMMITs in future too. All are requested to comment their suggestions.

You can download a copy of the Committee and Event Manager list submitted to the college:

All the heads are requested to go through the list and find who all are included in their committees, and kindly inform them personally that they are included in such and such committees as well.