Another post, after a long period

85 Days to go

Hi all,

Ah.. at last we came back…. with a new post. These days some of our friends were asking us why no posts these days. The answer is simple: no more special proceedings were done these days. Or I, the blogger of CEC SUMMIT 08, would say that only a few responses are there after reading the blog. We wouldn’t say that it disappointed us. But those who are passive (I mean those from 2010 batch), mind that the blog is meant for proper communication of what all proceedings are done in SUMMIT 08. So all are supposed to read it, and at least those who are accessible to net. And your response is what matters. There are a group of people who always visit the blog and comment. They can be a model. I was thinkng of telling you all this, throgh the blog and am doing it after a long thought. It’s high time we had an active spirit among us. Guys, we have seldom 85 days!!!!!