CEC to grow…


Today we had a meeting at the seminar hall, where HODs of all departments and Mr. Anil Kumar C.V were also presen. They said that there’ll be an interactive session tomorrow by an eminent personality from TEQIP, West Bengal, who is coming to our college with an intention to study the effects and results of TEQIP investements in the educational sector. They said that TEQIP has spent more than 60 crores all over India for training the tutors, i.e. the teachers to enhance their knowledge in their domains. And the TEQIP team wants to test whether the taget has been achieved. But, as Ms. Nisha Kuruvilla, HOD (E) said, no student can evaluate the enhancements in a teacher’s knowledge, because  they are taught a particluar subject by a teacher only once and, may be, that teacher would have taught them only once. However, we are supposed to involve in an interactive session with the said person tomorrow morning.


However, the interesting fact is yet not told. Our college is gonna make a big leap…. Another branch, Electrical Engineering, is gonna start in our college next year. We have applied for AICTE consent, and the college authority is fully confident of getting the same. NOC (No Objection Certificate) for PG courses viz. VLSI and Signal Processing have been issued to the college and it’s under consideration of the respective governmental departments. But the only obstacle CEC is facing today is its building facility. As far as I understand, all the legal problems have been solved, and building works will restart within a few weeks. We have noticed the changes here, some people are coming and watching the premises and building and all… However, something big is really gonna happen.. that’s for sure!!!

Our series and university lab exams are going on, and we might not be able to log on to net and blog here regularly. We are really sorry for it, and thanks a lot to all ancestors who inspired us to continue writing and happy to know that this blog is one which they really liked.

CEC ki jai….!!!