Hi all,

Works of SUMMIT is about to restart soon. We have given a request to the college authorities to consider the dates as 2,3 and 4 of February, 2009. We were in a tight corner while deciding the dates. MEC EXCEL ( is scheduled from 23-25 of January, 2009 and FISAT NAUTILUS 09 will be conducted from 30th January to 1st February. On 8th February will be the GATE Exam. After that week, there shall be CUSAT arts, College sports, mini project for S6 and Main Project for S8. College tour of 2010 batch will commence on 14th December and will end on 21st. As per the proposed academic calender, the first series test will be conducted at the end of January. So we find no other choice for this.

As per now, the dates will be confimed by the college authorities this week. Details follow.

All 2010 batch members, please join the following groups:



All CECians, please join:

Kindly join the above for keeping yourslves updated.

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Arunanand T A


P.S. Kindly read for further updates about SUMMIT.