Stunning Statistics on CECians, College Tour, Magazine and Senate Meeting




Yesterday I heard a statistics on CECians. As far as the stati, 10% of the CECians would divorce in future. That means an average of 20 people form each batch of CEC would divorce in future. This stati is upon the batches from 1997. I found it to be very pathetic state of affairs. And Ms. Nisha Kuruvilla, HOD (EC) declared that there will be a “Stress Management Course” for S8 students on 13-12-2008.



The first batch for tour – 2010 EC-A Batch has set off today at 4 PM, being accompanied by Mr. Madhusoodanan Nair (Sl. Lect. in Physics) and Ms. Priya (Guest Lect. in EC) and her mother. They rock!!! Other 3 batches (2010 EC-B, 2010 CS-C and 2010 CS-D) will be going tomorrow at 4 PM.



The first senate meeting of the 2008-09 college senate held at the college on 5th December, as it’s proposed earlier. The details shall be posted soon.



Mr. Sharon Vinod and his crew have completed the initial works of the college magazine for the year 2007-08. The final touch-up is going on. I’ve seen the first draft and I don’t know how to express my feelings. In my personal opinion, this is and will be the most best magazine in the recent history of CEC. Chief editor’s requests prevent me from making more remarks on the magazine before it’s officially released. However, you all can expect one of the ever best magazines CEC has come across. He’s decided to give a PDF version of the magazine to upload in the net so that our passouts too can have access to it.



(I am sorry that I can’t post updates for a few days, as I will be on my college tour next week. Will be back soon with more updates…)

Stay tuned….!

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Arunanand T A