As you all know, PRODDEC (Product Design and Development Cell) is an organization meant to improve the practical knowledge of the students, PRODDEC focuses on the developement of projects and finished products. PRODDEC gives the students training regarding the same..


Here’s the list of projects completed during the period AUG to DEC 2008

1. Online quizzing software for SUMMIT named “Q’ Whiz” 

2. Software for C Debugging and Hacking contest prelims at SUMMIT

3. SUMMIT website

4. Website for arts fest MALHAR 08

5. Online Testing System for schools as part of the TEQIP “Service To Community Project”

6. Digital Scoreboard

In addition to these we have certain projects in the development phase such as the traffic lighting system.
Project Plans for JAN 2009

1.College Auditorium
Installation of automatic curtain and lighting systems in the college auditorium.. 

2. Center court fountain
Rebuilding the fountain and lighting systems at the center court.


Activity plans JAN 2009

1. PRODDEC Project programme (S4)
Project programme for the s4 students. Aims to expose the students to the practical standards of developing a project..
Commences on 30-12-2008. 

2.Online Talent Search Exam (S1 & S2)
The first programme for the freshers. Will be conducted from 5th-7th January, 2009

3. Workshops on Express PCB and Soldering (S4 & S6)
Commences on 12th Jan 2009


Best Wishes and happy new year,

Jofin Jospeh,

Secretary, PRODDEC.