Sports Meet, and many more…

Hi all,

It’s been a ong time since I made my last post. I was a little bit reluctant, rather busy with some other works, in writing something here. However, I will try to put all what happened during these days…

13th Annual Sports Meet:- GREEN house won the meet with a fabulous lead of 48 points over RED. Then comes, YELLOW and BLUE. The meet, as far as Ajithsen Sir is concerned, a great success and perhaps, one of the best among last few. GREEN got first place in March Past, then RED, BLUE and YELLOW. Following days were all colourful at CEC, with celebrations of all the houses.

There was a class on Personality Development class for first years at the college auditorium.

Today, CECians collected a bundle of food items in the aegis of NSS Unit and was handed over to a person concerned for using it for Food Package System at Chengannur Govt. Hospital. This has been done from CEC every year.

New NSS Execom was selected. Mr. Jaseen Jamal of S6-B was selected as the secretary.

SUMMIT 09 works resumed. A new idea was proposed and it’s named as SUMMIT 09 – Beta v1.0. It included Paper Presentation, C-Debugging, Quiz Durbar, Circuit Designing, Video Conferencing Demo, Seminar etc, which we conduct for better understanding of organizing such events, and to give a total spirit for CECians on SUMMIT 09. This event is scheduled to be conducted on 14th of February, 2009.

Best Regards,

Arunanand T A,

2010 Computer Science and Engineering