College Website Committee

Hi all,

The new college website committee was formed and the first meeting was held on 11-02-2009. Mrs Renu George, Mre Nisha N Nair, Mrs Suja Mary Oommen and the website committee members participated.

Urgent changes and updates to be made on the website were discussed and decided.
1. Adding academic details in the website.

The committee has decided to add academic details like notes on various subjects and topics so that the students could access and use them.

2. Suggestions And Requests From Students

The committee has opened the facility for students, teachers, heads of technical clubs etc to post their requests or suggestions regarding the change of content addition of contents to the website. The suggestions or requests can be mailed to

The suggestions will be realised if approved by the committee and staffs in charge.

3. Senate Suggestions

Suggestions regarding the senate can be mailed to,,

Jofin Joseph,

Member and Leader, College Website Committee 2008-09.

Secretary, PRODDEC

2010 Computer Science and Engineering