CEC SUMMIT 09 Mascot by Anoop Thomas Mathew, 2010 CS

Hi all,

Here’s the first sample of SUMMIT ’09 Mascot Intro, done by Anoop Thomas Mathew (http://www.orkut.com/Main#Profile.aspx?uid=11979911568969727996) of 2010 CS. Just neglect the ’08’ instead of ’09’, as it’s first prepared for SUMMIT 08. As of now, dates of SUMMIT 09 will be declared within a week, most probably it shall be in the second or third week of August 2009.

Hope you all enjoyed it… Comments please
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SUMMIT Website: http://www.cecsummit.org
SUMMIT Unofficial Blog: http://www.cecsummit08.blogspot.com

SUMMIT CECians Page: http://cecsummit08.googlepages.com

P.S: Hope you all know, at first, SUMMIT was decided to be conducted in 2008, but due to some technical problems and special supplementary for 2009 batch, it had to be postponed to 2009.

Arunanand T A,
2010 Computer Science and Engineering.