CEC NSS Report, 2008-09

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Here’s the NSS report of the year 2008-09. I am posting this on behalf of Mr. Jaseen Jamal  (trap60cents@gmail.com)(2010 EC), the Secretary, NSS Unit. Comments and suggestions please.

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As in every year, activities of College of Engineering Chengannur NSS Unit were done in its full spirit and found to provide the students of the unit with a good level of social responsibilities. The main objectives of the unit in this period were as to:

  1. understand the community in which they work
  2. understand themselves in relation to their community
  3. identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem-solving
  4. develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility
  5. utilize their knowledge in finding practical solutions to individual and community problems
  6. develop competence required for group-living and sharing of responsibilities
  7. gain skills in mobilizing community participation
  8. acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitudes
  9. develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters and
  10. practise national integration and social harmony

College of Engineering Chengannur NSS Unit was a success in fulfilling the motto of the National Service Scheme as “Not Me But You” that reflects the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for self-less service. NSS helped the students develop appreciation to other person’s point of view and also show consideration to other living beings. The philosophy of the activities of our NSS unit in the year 2008-09 were very well doctrined in this motto, which underlines the belief that the welfare of an individual is ultimately dependent on the welfare of the society on the whole and therefore, the NSS volunteers shall strive for the well-being of the society. The unit was successful in meeting all these visions.

The formation of the Executive Committee was made on 30th January, 2009. Mr. C R Ajith Sen, Lecturer in Physical Education, stood for the coordinator of the NSS unit. Mr. Jaseen Jamal of 2006 Admissions was selected to the post of Secretary, and Ms. Soumya Narayanan of 2006 Admissions to the post of Asst. Secretary. Also, Mr. Shyam R and Stephy Tony of 2006 Admissions and Ms. Deepthy John of 2007 Admissions were elected to the Executive Committee.

As it was done in earlier years, students of our unit were scheduled for food serving at the Govt. hospital, Chengannur. It’s a matter of glad that all the students take up this charge with utmost sincerity and commitment. This shall be another golden feather to the crown of the unit.

Martyr’s Day was conducted on 30th January, 2009, in association with the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. As it’s directed by the NSS central unit, a pledge on the vision “Youth For Peace” was taken by all the students on this day. This helped the students evolve their awareness of the importance of youth in reinforcing peace in today’s war-like world. Also, this day has got another importance that January 30 has been declared to be “World Martyr’s Day” by UN.

As in early years, the food collection campaign to the nearby government hospital was done. This time, it could break the level of last year’s response, and the amount of food items collected notched up ever-time high. Collected food items were handed over to the authorities in a simple function conducted at the College Centre Court on 10th February, 2009.

There was a suggestion for a one day camp at the college was made and it was done on 15th February, 2009. It included cleaning the college campus, recreational activities, etc. It was more of a duty to the students, like, every one enjoyed the spirit of being together for a service. It reiterated the official motto of NSS and could enhance the leadership qualities of the students. All worked in groups, each having specified duties. The camp could redesign the physical appearance of the campus premises. Besides, lunch with all the volunteers being together was another exciting experience for them. The camp ended with a simple formal function and the volunteers shared their experience. Also, the volunteers for forthcoming five day camp were selected.

A blood donation campaign was conducted on 6th March, 2009, in the aegis of our NSS unit. 40 students donated blood at Medical College, Alappuzha and 20 at Century hospital, Chengannur. Besides, a database is being kept at the college, which has been looked into in the case of em
ergencies. Students of our unit have donated blood in many cases of emergencies and have proven their commitment to the society.

A five day camp conducted from 7th February to 11th February, 2009 at the HRD colony at Parachantha in Aala Panchayath, Alappuzha District. This camp was of an invaluable set of experiences to all the volunteers. They could feel the deepest pulses of the society. Details of the camp schedule are given below:

 07-Feb-2009: The team from the college, consisting of around 70 students reached the camp at 9:00 AM. The inaugural function started at 10 AM. Following this, detailed directions were given to the volunteers by the camp director Mr. C R Ajith Sen, regarding the intention and targets of the camp. Then, all the students were split into 6 groups, out of which 1 group was assigned refreshment and food duties. Remaining 5 groups were given certain survey formats, which had to be filled by direct personal communication with each family in the colony. The entire colony was geographically divided into five portions, and each group covered one portion each. The experience from this survey is indeed remarkable. The volunteers met each family and spoke to the members of the family in person to get to know their whereabouts. The survey was intended to study the social grade of the colony families. But the output of the survey was something beyond its preset target. Following this, in the afternoon session, was a class on “Home Agriculture” by Aala Agriculture Officer. The class was attended by around 63 members of the colony. At the end of the session, packets of seeds suitable for home agriculture were also distributed among the attendees. First day’s programs were concluded by 4 PM.

08-Feb-2009: Due to some feasibility problems, the camp venue was shifted to the community hall of Panchayath. It was accessible to all part of the colony and the participation was found to increase day by day. The second day started with the computer awareness class for the youngsters of the colony. Whole attendees, around 65, were grouped into three, depending on their age. Different sessions were given by the volunteers on basics of computer, Softwares, Hardwares, Office Utilities, and Operating Systems etc. There was special arrangement for the attendees to practise themselves the learnt things too, following which there took place a small recreational program by the attendees. In the after noon, a special session on “AIDS” exclusive for students and elders was taken by Mr. Thomas Wilson, a social worker from the AIDS Control Society.

09-Feb-2009: The third day started with a session on Milk Products, which was attended by most of the house wives of the colony. The class was taken by Chengannur Diary Extension Officer. It was a very informative one that many attendees remarked they didn’t even know milk could be this much productive. They could also make ‘Milk Peda’ live at the session. In the afternoon, there was a class on “How to Face Exams”, which approached the little minds with a psychological analysis. It also helped the parents in how to prepare their wards for exams without fear or tension. Following this, there was a session on “Our India”, taken by Mr. Arunanand T A, an NSS volunteer of the unit. The session covered the historical, cultural, social, ancestral and hereditarial status of our nation. Some videos on national integrity were also displayed at the end of the session. The session was supposed to give an overview of our nation to the young minds of the camp premises.

10-Feb-2009: This was one of the most important days of our camp. A medical camp was conducted with the help of doctors and nurses from Century hospital, Chengannur. Most of the colony residents cooperated with this venture and attended the camp. The crew was very helpful in all senses and all the attendees made use of the camp to the fullest. Meanwhile, a trip to a nearby cashew nut factory was made by a group of volunteers. This was intended for enabling the volunteers study how the entire system works and collect the related information. Reports on this study visit were written and submitted to the camp director. After the successful completion of the medical camp, there was an awareness session on “Drugs and Its Effects”, which was specially meant for the youngsters of the community. It well explained the statistics and the effects of drug usage, which shall ruin the entire nation very soon unless its wings are clipped. Most of the youngsters from the colony attended the session and a documentary on the same thereafter. Then our unit presented before the colony residents a recreational program – a music show by SRUTHI Music Club of our college. This could lessen the mental tensions of the attendees and from their response, it’s very well understood that the venture was a great success.

11-Feb-2009: The last day of the camp started with cleaning of colony premises. The entire volunteers were grouped into five and each was assigned each portion of the colony. For the volunteers, this was more of a service to community, and they enjoyed it to the fullest. Dirty areas of the colony were cleaned; plastics and other non-degradable were collected and dumped in the proper manner. Besides, a passage which was regularly used by the colony residents but too hard to travel through was made into a passenger-friendly one. The warmth of love and cooperation got from the colony residents out of this is much remarkable. In the afternoon, there was a session taken by a medical practitioner on “Food Nutrition”. This very much helped the parents in knowing the proportion of nutrition each baby must get in each span of age. The session covered all aspects of nutrition food, and explained why all those are needed for us in prescribed proportion.

The five day camp ended with a simple closing ceremony. It’s remarkable that all the students found the camp to be very useful in all aspects it needs to be. Some of them shared their experience and the entire camp adjourned with NSS slogan and clap.

Thus, the academic year 2008-09 was a blissful one for the College of Engineering Chengannur NSS unit in all aspects. It could mould a successful big group of volunteers with deep routed sense of social responsibilities and commitment.

Chengannur,                                      JASEEN JAMAL

12-05-2009.                                 (Secretary, NSS Unit)

Best Regards,

Arunanand T A,

2010 CS