TEQIP, SSB, New Plants, Floodlight, Registration and Fees Remittance, New Security, M.Tech, SHREDS, New Route Map and many more…..

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The whole CEC is now enjoying a beautiful vacation expect, of course, the first years. Their examinations are now going on, and unfortunately, they will be having no vacation time this time. Because they were expected to get only 5 days of vacation, but one of their exams got postponed. So no vacation for them this time.

A new aambal in the pond at the centre court
A new “aambal” in the pond at the centre court

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Infosys gave offer letters to the 2009 passouts and they have already joined. Some students from the pre-final year attended SSB interview to the Indian Army in this vacation at Allahabad, Bhopal and Bangalore. Some could get into the Stage II, but unfortunately none could get into the medicals so far. Still, some students are undergoiung the tests. All say that this was one of the most beautiful and greatest experiences of their lives. Between, Mr. Nihil Zachariah’s merit list to the Indian Army is published and he’s found FIT to undergo training. He’s to Jul 2009 batch from UES 18(PFY) category. One more Lt. Captain from CEC (Mr. John Paul from 2008 batch had joined IMA last year and is now undergoing last periods of his training there).

New floodlight (4 Nos.) were placed at the college building facing the centre court (badminton court).

Floodlight at Centre Court
Floodlight at Centre Court

A new security staff has also joined the college, while Mr. Kurup has left. In this academic year, all the three staff are new faces.

NIT, Calicut’s alumni conducts a detailed academic and non-academic survey of all engineering colleges in Kerala to rate them. May be, our college also will be participating in this. Heard that no decision has yet not been taken. But Mr. Laiju K Raju, arts secretary, has been collecting the details of artistic extracurricular activities of students for the same under the direction from Mr. Jayadeep Kumar, Staff-in-charge of senate.

Heard that duration of our TEQIP funding is now over and Mr. Liju Philip commented that our college was very efficient in utilizing the fund in an effective manner, without wating the money in any sort. We must admit that TEQIP has been the backbone of of CEC for last few years and has contributed the best to the growth of our college. Between, the project under TEQIP and PRODDEC has completed its mission of making an automated traffic signal system to be placed at the Sky Junction near CEC. It shall be placed there, I believe, very soon. Mr. Jospeh Peter, Mr. Harikumar (Kannan), Mr. Harisankar and Mr. Praveen Kumar (all form 2009 batch) and Mr. Sarath S of 2010 batch and lot more people were working hard for this for last few months. Their dedication and hardwork has hit the target… Congrats CECians…

CECians under work of Traffic Signal System...
CECians under work of Traffic Signal System…

Mr. Liju Philip, Lecturer in Electronics said that there’s a plan with the college authorities to enable the parents of the students of the institution visit the amenities of the college for one day. This shall help them to better understand the facilities and environment in which their wards study. This seems to be a good initiative and shall be a good exposure for our college.

S8 results of 2009 batch is published and seems to be OK. Some arrears in MWC. However, heard that the result is satisfactory. S5 results are expected within 2 weeks. Also, the special supple for S7 and S5 are expected to be conducted in the last of July. All semesters’ class will be starting on 1st July itself and registratio
n to the next semester along with the fees to the next year must be paid on or before 1st July, 2009 after clearing all the dues.

Registration in the SHREDS is now open for 2010 batch. Due to recession, it must be at least 6 months late this time for opening registration. For registering yourselves, go to http://www.shredskerala.org and find the NEW REGISTRATION link on the left nav bar on the home page. As of now, direct link is not given on the core section of the home page. While registering, use Internet Explorer and never repeat registration.

Heard that there’s a scope of opening a course of M.Tech in VLSI this year. Dunno how much procedures are completed so far. Heard that syllabus is the same as that of Model Engg. College. However, there shall be some changes in the syllabus to make it more contemporary.

A new load of 500 plants has reached the college through “Ente Maram Padhathi”. Before, Mr. Sanoop Thomas had spoken to the Principal, expressing interest in planting trees in the campus and he’s responded positively. Those plants shall be planted in the first week of July, I believe.

500 New Plants to CEC (Sanp by Sanoop Thomas, CEC 2010)
500 New Plants to CEC (Sanp by Sanoop Thomas, CEC 2010)

500 New Plants at CEC (Snap by Sanoop Thomas, CEC 2010)
500 New Plants at CEC (Snap by Sanoop Thomas, CEC 2010)

As the existing route map of our college is not upto the mark, the Principal asked Mr. Laiju K Raju of 2010 batch to redesign the same. He started work from scratch and now it’s reached a fantabulous creation of art and logic. Congrats Laiju…. These are the old and new route maps:

Old route map of CEC...
Old route map of CEC…

New route map (Wide Area) of our college (by Laiju K Raju of 2006-2010 CS batch).....
New route map (Wide Area) of our college (by Laiju K Raju of 2006-2010 CS batch)…..

New route map (Chengannur Only) of our college (by Laiju K Raju of 2006-2010 CS batch).....
New route map (Chengannur Only) of our college (by Laiju K Raju of 2006-2010 CS batch)…..

Shall be back with more updates soon…

Have a nice time!


Arunanand T A,

2010 CS,