TPC Training Sessions

Hi everyone,

“Excellence is not an act, but a habit.” As you know the training and placement cell is organising for us(2010 batch)  a series of preperation sessions to make us competent to face the “multi-level filtering” techniques the companies may most probably employ during these recession period. So my primary request to all my batchmates is to make maximum use of the oppurtunity.

We have Mock tests every Thursdays which include aptitude, verbal and technical questions to be answered within a particular time limit. As you know, these tests are the screening through which the companies may eliminate more than half the candidates. So the situation demands to be a master in this. So I humbly request everybody to have your homeworks done before you appear for the test. After the test,try to get through every question once more with the right answers with you. I guarantee you,’ You will get through”.

Next, the group discussion. We are planning to conduct the group discussions in two different stages. First Intra class levels, that is Gd’s within the class.This may enable some of our fellow mates to get through with their stage-fright and get into the real pulse. Second level may be inter class levels.

Let me emphasize that this level lets include technical topics too for the gd. For eg; Advantages of thermal power station or Java and .Net. So these type of topics need some technical backgrounds. So lets prepare some points by our own.

A session by SPARK has been arranged at college auditorium on 10th July, Friday 12:45-2pm to get expertize ideas on GD’s and interviews. Please make the best of the situation. (Sorry to my Muslim friends that we could not get another slot to arrange this session. Hope you can understand.)

The face to face on how to face an interview by Liju Philip sir is getting good responses everyday. Let me convey my sincere regards to him on behalf of 2010 batch as he is delivering his precious time for us everyday. Those who haven’t appeared please take a review from those who have got the session, so that you won’t miss the chance.

Some other sessions are under proposals, a session by IMS may be next weeek and a seminar by KITA(Kerala IT alliance) on 24th July. Confirmations on these will be given later.

Some more suggestions to my friends from my part:

1.  Lets practice to speak English among us. Atleast during class hours. This really works.

2. Please be punctual for the tests. Look on to that everybody appears for the test.

3. Be present for the GD and Mock interviews at the slot allotted for you by the TPC members. Else you are taking away a chance of yourself and your friends. So please coperate with your TPC members. If you can’t come, inform them at the earliest.

Time is very less for us. But lets squeeze the pulp out of it. Lets make this joint venture a mega-grand successand hope and pray that we could break all the placement records this year.

So friends, we look on to your suggestions and feedback.

Best regards ,

Nirmal Sajo Thomas

CS CEC2010

TPC Student Member