CAMPION 09: Minutes of Meeting Dated: 27-Jul-2009

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Here’s the minutes of CAMPION 09 meeting dated: 27-Jul-2009

Meeting 3

Date    : 27th July, 2009, Monday

Venue : Near Car Shed, College of Engineering Chengannur.

The third meeting for the purpose of conducting Campion ’09 was held near the car shed of College of Engineering Chengannur at 6:30 PM. The meeting was presided over by Mr. C R Ajith Sen, Lecturer in Physical Education, Sl. Gr.

The important decisions/approval/reviews made in the meeting are the following:

  • Some of the executive members were not present, and the president of the meeting asked the committee to be punctual in attending the same in future.
  • A specimen of the Prize Coupon was produced by the in-charge and was approved by the committee.
  • Sponsorship tariff was furnished by the in-charge and was approved. But some more scrutiny of the feasibility was suggested and the final format shall be produced in the next meeting.
  • Sponsorship campaigning was suggested to be conducted since the next week after SUMMIT 09, and was approved.
  • Bill books shall be made ready by Mr. C R Ajith Sen.
  • The Secretaries are advised to collect the useful contacts from juniors so that it shall be used in Sponsorship Campaigning. This has to be done at once.
  • Specimen of two kind of certificates viz. for Finalists, for Executive Committees were produced by the in-charge and was approved. In the certificates for Executive Committees, only The Principal and the Staff-in-Charge shall be signing, and in that for the Finalists, apart from these officials, the Tournament Secretary also shall put his signature.
  • For official invitation procedure, the invitation-in-charge shall contact Mr. C R Ajith Sen the next day and he shall be giving the necessary directions, after reviewing the previous years’ documents.
  • Regarding printing of brochures, decision was taken to print the same at the college itself. The in-charge was advised to design the same on or before next Monday (03-August-2009).
  • Regarding fund for fixing net/wall at the back of goal posts, the committee was informed that decision has already been taken and approved by IHRD and they will be providing the required fund too.
  • No lag should be made in contacting the Sports Secretaries/Football Captains of all other IHRD Engg. Colleges in an unofficial manner. Sports Secretary and the Tournament Secretary shall take special care in this regard.
  • An initial overview and model of T-Shirt of CAMPION 09 shall be produced on or before 3rd August, 2009 itself.
  • A lay out of add-on programmes must be submitted in the next meeting.
  • Regarding countdown of CAMPION 09, the Technical-in-Charge intimated the committee that that of SUMMIT 09 shall be used for this purpose also.
  • No decision regarding PTA fund for CAMPION 09 has been taken so far.
  • The in-charges should furnish a proper set of rules for evaluating and deciding Special Awards and the Dream Team after due consultation with our college’s Football Team Players, in the next meeting. Also, a clear panel of jury shall also be decided very soon.
  • The final list of Sports Dignitaries from CEC 2008 Pass-out batch for being specially invited to CAMPION 09 shall be submitted in the next meeting by the in-charge.
  • Official Intra-CEC invitation and announcing CAMPION 09 shall be done only after SUMMIT 09.
  • Works of CAMPION 09 website has started and it’s now available at the URL:
  • Final decision regarding inaugural programme shall be taken soon. Also, works of theme music for the same shall be accelerated.
  • Prepare a whole set of rules of CAMPION 09 by the Tournament Secretary, after going through the previous years’ documents.
  • A camp of football players shall be conducted after SUMMIT 09, and a B-Team is also under consideration. It’s subject to the rules of CAMPION 09 prepared by the Tournament Secretary.
  • Grass on the ground shall be removed as and when the students are ready to get involved into it and Mr. C R Ajith Sen  intimated that all the equipments for this purpose is ready at the college itself.

The next meeting is scheduled to be conducted on 3rd August, 2009, Monday at 6:00 PM.

The meeting was concluded by Mr. C R Ajith Sen, asking the committee heads to be punctual in doing their duties so that CAMPION 09 shall be a great success.


[Attendees are from 2006-10 batches. Those who are from different batches have been marked likewise]

  1. Mr. C R Ajith Sen [Lr. in Physical Education, Sl. Gr.]
  2. Mr. Arunanand T A
  3. Mr. Vineeth V M
  4. Mr. Mahesh Mohan
  5. Mr. Akhil Dev A V
  6. Mr. Arjun R Pillai
  7. Mr. Sarath S
  8. Mr. Sarath Vallathol
  9. Mr. Rakesh B
  10. Mr. Prince P Sivan
  11. Mr. Nithin Sam Oommen
  12. Mr. Vishnu Sree G
  13. Mr. Jijil K I
  14. Mr. Jerin George
  15. Mr. Shanavas M
  16. Mr. Jaseen Jamal
  17. Mr. Dawns John
  18. Mr. Vishnu Mohan
  19. Mr. Amal D Mukund
  20. Mr. Deepak Devanand
  21. Mr. Aravind Manjooran
  22. Mr. Vipin K


Arunanand T A,

Organizing Secretary, CAMPION 09 (