CAMPION 09: Meeting Minutes Dated: 03-Aug-2009

Dear all,

Here’s the minutes of CAMPION 09 meeting dated: 3-Aug-2009.


Meeting 4

Date    : 03rd August, 2009, Monday.

Venue : Near Car Shed, College of Engineering Chengannur.

The fourth meeting for the purpose of conducting Campion ’09 was held near the car shed of College of Engineering Chengannur at 6:30 PM. The meeting was presided over by Mr. C R Ajith Sen, Lecturer in Physical Education, Sl. Gr.

The important decisions/approval/reviews/discussions made in the meeting are the following:

  • The in-charge intimated that the prize coupons for new admissions shall be printed within two days, as the new admission falls from 10th of this month. Also, that for the intra-CEC also shall be printed very soon. Cost for intra-CEC prize coupon printing shall be approximately. Rs. 800/- for 2500 coupons (as in 50 bundles). Decision regarding printing these coupons have bee taken to be done outside college.
  • Final sponsorship tariff was produced by the in-charge and was approved.
  • Contacts from junior batches have to be collected very soon. Those from S5 batches have already been collected under the aegis of SUMMIT 09, and the rest shall be collected immediately.
  • Certificate-in-charge intimated that the corrections suggested by the committee were rectified and that the certificate designs are evaluated OK.
  • For official invitation procedures, contact Mr. C R Ajith Sen on or before 4th August itself for the previous years documents, and the organizing secretary has been entitled to do it.
  • The secretaries informed the committee that all the sports captains of IHRD Engg. Colleges were contacted and the information regarding CAMPION 09 has been propagated unofficially. The needed contacts have also been collected.
  • For CAMPION 09 T-Shirt, four models were brought by the in-charge and were examined by the committee. However, the president of the meeting advised him to undergo a second level testing of the quality of printing and stuff, and he shall be reporting to the committee in the next meeting, regarding this.
  • Certain add-on programs in between matches as fun events were suggested by the in-charge, and they include: Basketball Shooting, Free Goal Post-Shooting, SMS Typing, etc. The committee suggested that there shall be a selected single event a day so that it shall be organized with proper time management and in a well-set manner.
  • Works of Electronic Countdown for CAMPION 09 is under progress, and the committee asked the in-charge to accelerate the works. Also, the technical add-ons in association with the program also must be discussed and finalized very soon.
  • Rules for Special Awards and Dream Team were presented by the in-charges. But there are certain more conditions to be added, the committee suggested. Scrutiny of these rules to be made before the next meeting, considering the importance and weightage to be given for Gallery polls and those for the marks given by the dedicated judges. The president of the meeting suggested that evaluation should be performed with some sort of subjective rating.
  • A camp was suggested to be conducted before CAMPION 09, and the players informed that they are ready to undergo a self-practice camp this week onwards, to which the president of the meeting responded positively. Decision regarding B-Team of the college shall be taken only after this camp.
  • Final list of Sports Dignitaries from CEC 2008 Pass Out batch, to be specially invited and recognized during CAMPION 09, should be submitted in the next meeting itself, considering all the deserving candidates from that batch.
  • Regarding inaugural ceremony, discussions are going on and the president of the meeting suggested that we could include Yoga in the ceremony, if possible. A dance master is being sought for the ceremony special programme.
  • For Lucky Dip coupon printing, initial amounts shall be met from the Sports Fund.

The next meeting is scheduled to be conducted on 10th August, 2009, Monday (If Series Exam is postponed) or on 13th August, 2009 (If Series Exam is not postponed) at 4:00 PM.


[Attendees are from 2006-10 batches. Those who are from different batches have been marked likewise]

  1. Mr. C R Ajith Sen [Lr. inn Physical Education, Sl.Gr.]
  2. Mr. Arunanand T A
  3. Mr. Shyam R
  4. Mr. Prince P Sivan
  5. Mr. Vishnu Mohan
  6. Mr. Vishnu Sree G
  7. Mr. Sarath S
  8. Mr. Jishad A V
  9. Mr. Jaseen Jamal
  10. Mr. Sanoop Thomas
  11. Mr. Sojo James
  12. Mr. Laiju K Raju
  13. Mr. Ajmal V Mohammed
  14. Mr. Dawns John
  15. Mr. Khalid T V
  16. Mr. Nithin Sam Oommen
  17. Mr. Sajeed Mohammed
  18. Mr. Shanavas
  19. Mr. Fijil John
  20. Mr. Deepu Venugopal
  21. Mr. Vipin K
  22. Mr. Jerin George
  23. Mr. Rakesh B
  24. Mr. Deepak Devanand
  25. Mr. Manu Raj
  26. Mr. Amal D Mukund
  27. Mr. Jijil K I
  28. Mr. Sarath S
  29. Mr. Arjun I A
  30. Mr. Joshy Varghese
  31. Mr. Nirmal Sajo Thomas
  32. Mr. Najeeb M A
  33. Mr. Sibin C M
  34. Mr. Rahul Raj




Arunanand T A,

Organizing Secretary,