NSS Executive Committee 2009-10.

Hey guyz,

The executive committee of the National Service Scheme CEC unit was elected in a general body meeting which took place on the 7th of August,2009 in the college auditorium. The meeting was well attended and CEC wishes the best to each of the selected ones. And we hope that the NSS will remain the best club in CEC,as it has always been..

The following are the committte members :

1.     Ninan                 S5 B – Secretary

2.     Deepthi             S5 C – Asst. Secretary.

3.     Naveen              S5 B

4.     Abhijeet            S5 C

5.     Kiran K              S5 D

6.     Arun Rag          S5 D

7.     Anaswar           S5 A

8.     Shambu             S5 A

9.     Bibin                  S3 A

10.   Kiran              S3 A

11.    Bhavana        S3 B

12.    Vidya             S3 B

13.    Tony               S3 C

14.    Vinu                S3 C

15.    Anuraj            S3 D

16.    Swati               S3 D