Minutes of CAMPION 09 Meeting Dated: 10-Aug-2009

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The following are the only important portions of the meeting of CAMPION 09 dated: 10-Aug-2009. The full document of the meeting can be obtained from: Here


CAMPION 09 Minutes

Meeting 5

Date    : 10th August, 2009, Monday.

Venue : Auditorium, College of Engineering Chengannur.

The fifth meeting for the purpose of conducting Campion ’09 was held near the car shed of College of Engineering Chengannur at 4:00 PM. The meeting was presided over by Mr. C R Ajith Sen, Lecturer in Physical Education, Sl. Gr.

The important decisions/approval/reviews/discussions made in the meeting are the following:

  • Campion 09 desk should be put on the admission days.
  • Previous batches should be contacted for financial aid for Campion 09. This was suggested by Mr. Sanoop Thomas.
  • Details of T-shirts should be collected on or before 28th August, 2009 (Friday). This can be done hostel-wise or class-wise.
  • Regarding B-Team of CEC, decision shall be taken soon.
  • List of Sports Dignitaries from CEC 2008 Batch was submitted by Mr. Vishnu Mohan. Direction was given to confirm the persons and resubmit it as the final list in the next meeting.

The next meeting is scheduled to be conducted on 20th August, 2009, Thursday at 4:00 PM.

Full Document: Here




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