All Kerala WIE Forum Meet 2009 and LINK team Screening at CEC

Hi all,


As per the LINK Execom decision, a first level screening for the next year LINK Execom and Hub team will be done along with the ALL KERALA WIE FORUM MEET 2009, at College of Engineering Chengannur. All colleges are requested to identify (Not required that Election should be done) the volunteers who would like to volunteer to the Hub team and LINK Execom.

The dates for the All Kerala WIE Forum Meet are October 2, 3 and 4.

The representation from each college for the event 3 women and 2 Men.

To register, Please visit

For enquiries please contact:-

Ms. Indu Unni

Event Chair

College of Engineering Chengannur




Mr. Ajin Baby

Event Driving Coordinator

College of Engineering Chengannur

Ph: +91 999 516 9754

PS : Please note that final decision of the next LINK team will be taken in the LINK camp at SJCET, Palai.

For the LINK Execom,


Arjun R Pillai,

GINI Co-ordinator,

Kerala Section,

College of Engineering Chengannur,

EC 2006-10




(For Mr. Arjun R Pillai)

Arunanand T A,

Executive Senator (IEEE-in-Charge),

College of Engineering Chengannur.

2006-10 CS.