TIGER FIVE football tournament….

Hey CECian,

Here are the details for the Inter-batch football tournament, the TIGER 5’s. There will be four groups, each with a team from S3,S5  and S7.

The four groups are:

(A) S 3 A  —  S 5 C   —   S 7 D

(B) S 3 C   — S 5 B    —   S 7 C

(C) S 3 D   — S 5 D   —   S 7 B

(D) S 3 B   — S 5 A   —   S 7 A

The inauguration will take place on the 23rd of September in the CEC football field, at 4.00pm. All the CECian’s are invited to be present there for the occasion.

There will be two matches per day. The matches will take place from :

Match1 :    4:20pm-5:05pm    and

Match2 :   5:15pm-6:00pm

Watch out for more fun as the sporting extravaganza rolls out…

(for Mr. Philip Cherian,

Sports Secretary, Students’ Executive Senate 2009-10)

Richie Sam Oommen,

CS 2011.