CEC Students' Executive Senate 2009-10 Meeting Minutes Dated: 18-September-2009


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The minutes of CEC Executive Senate 2009 dated: 18-September-2009 is available for download. Kindly read and comment your suggestions for improvement of the working of the Senate.



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Students’ Executive Senate 2009-10


Meeting No: 1 (in the academic year 2009-10)

Dated: 18th September, 2009.

Time: 1:00 PM

Venue: Conference Hall, CEC.

The meeting was chaired by the Chairman of the Students’ Executive Senate 2009-10, and commenced with a silent prayer. All the executive members attended in the presence of Prof. (Dr.) V P Devassia, the Princpal, CEC and Mr. Jayadeep Kumar J, Staff Advisor, CEC Senate.

Agenda 1: Use PTA Fund for the activities of college like arts, sports, campion, college day, scholarship for brilliant but financially poor students. Principal asked to submit a proposal to the Secretary of PTA from Senate showing the specific details

Agenda 2: Extra-fund needed for KELI 09, the CUSAT Annual Arts Fest 2009 other than TA, DA to meet event expenses. If competitive requests are given, funding may be allotted from within the limit of 10% of the total SAF.

Agenda 3: To postpone the second series examination dated between 12th-14th of October, 2009, due to the precedence of KELI 09 dated between 6th-10th of October, 2009.

Agenda 4: Permission to allow 3rd year students to have Industrial Visit outside Kerala

Principal said that it was the Government order that the students may not be allowed to go outside Kerala due to H1N1 flu. He will update the status about it and asked all batches to give the proposal for their study tours.

Agenda 5: Increase the representation of girls in Senate

Principal asked no such necessity exists for a small UG institution like ours. However he suggested increasing their representation by acquiring some of the present posts itself.

Agenda 6: Language lab is more needed for 3rd and 4th year students. But they are not getting it in requirement. Regarding the slot distribution of other batches, we may talk to PTA Secretary and give a proper proposal for changes in the slots. Principal pointed out that it would be better if s7 student representatives accelerate PTA fund collection.

Agenda 7: Permission for opening the gate near the YMCA hall for the convenience of bike parking. Students are facing great trouble due to proper parking area. Senate suggested that parking area can be provided in the shed near the library. Sir said that since there is as such no closed region for parking, he cannot permit parking of bikes inside the campus. Due to lack of security 3 gates cannot be kept open at a time. He cannot take a decision as of now as the matter is not synchronizing with prevailing campus rules.

Agenda 8: General Facilities

1. Window glasses and ceiling fans of most classes are not in proper condition

2. Provision for providing curtains

3. Photostat machine in library is frequently out of order

4. Adequate measures to ensure that the coolers are frequently cleaned and well maintained.

5. Podium and curtain of auditorium are old. Consider a replacement.

6. Request for a rolling projector to fix in auditorium along with PA System

7. Request for providing fan near the place available for net facility in the library

8. Request for getting facilities for SRUTHI Music Club

Agenda 9: Progress in construction of new building

Favorable results are expected soon as PWD has already tendered the work.

Suggestions by Principal to the Senate

1. To give due importance to academics along with other activities

2. To introduce a Newsletter for the College

3. To have a plan for using the funds available for a year before the commencement of Senate activities.

The meeting was concluded at 3:15 PM.






Arunanand T A,


CEC Students’ Executive Senate 2009-10.