Notice:- Registrations for Regular Odd Semester exams

B.Tech students are directed to submit university exam forms (regular), duly filled, at the college office on the dates not against each semester individaully or throigh their class representatives.Students are directed to fill all the column of the exam form carefully.Incomplete application will be rejected by the univeresity.Exam form can bedownloaded from the CUSAT website(

8th sem EC 11/08/2010

8th sem CD 12/08/2010

5th sem EC 13/08/2010

5th sem CS 16/08/2010

3rsd sem EC 17/08/2010

3rd sem CS 18/08/2010

3rd sem EEE 19/08/2010


Manu S Ajith and Harisankar P S

CEC 2012 CS