NSS Food Pooling

As a part annual tradition of NSS, food commodities were collected from the students and faculty of CEC. The student community contributed enthusiastically. The handing over function of pooled food commodities was held on 13th august 2010. The official function started at 1.30 pm at college center court. It was handed over to the Santhwanam Charitable Trust functioning near college campus. The function was inagurated by the Administration Officer of college by giving a sack of rice to Tom Kurishummmootil, the President of Santhwanam Charitable Trust. Ajith sen sir, Ulsah sir, Nisha Kuruvila miss, Ruben sir,other staffs of college,members of Santhwanam Charitable Trust ,NSS food pooling committe members  and all students of college  were also the part of the ceremony .The function ended at 2.00 pm.

[Thanks to Meerukutty Jabar 2012 CS for the report]

Manu S Ajith and Harisankar P S

CEC 2012 CS