World Freedom Software day celebration on 18th September

Dear all,
As you know that september 18th is world freedom software day and on the same day falls elixir’10. So this year we have plans to conduct a series of events to celebrate it.
Events planned
We are planning to set up a linux stall from 16th- 18th where the participants from different college and school can try out linux and other free software. They can take a copy of the software if they have a pen drive or hard disk else for the cost of a blank DVD they can write the required software.
QT workshop on 18th
Awareness session on Free software for the Students of CEC
A session on Android is also being planned
Suggestions and modification for the above are welcomed.
On behalf of the free software community of CEC
Manu S Ajith and Harisankar P S
CEC 2012 Batch