Till now

The final proposal has been submitted on 28th of May, 2008. As of now the proposed date has been assented by word by our Principal. The next staff meeting is supposed to fall on 3rd of June. We strongly believe that they would accept the proposal. Kindly have a look at the final proposal here:


The works of Logo,Animation and Theme Music are being done by ATM and Freddie. Special thanks to Prince for his invaluable suggestions in the preparation of Logo and Animation. The Mascot idea,Proposed by Vishnu Sree, is being worked upon. The official website is under construction by ATM, Jofin, Rahul, Toms etc., and is expected to be launched by 15th of June in the URL: www.cecsummit08.com.

Soon after the acceptance of the proposal, the Sponsorship Campaign is supposed to start. All are requested to co-operate. We have collected the contacts of promising firms as well as the our pass outs with the help of Jibin and Suma(thanks to them).

All CECians are requested to pass on all the contacts which will help us in gathering sponsorship.

We are thinking of having SUMMIT T-shirts and all are requested to send your suggestions and comments regarding unique colour, design etc. Girl students,please suggest a substitute for the T-shirts for you as many of you wont be using T-shirts.

Keep on visiting our starter web page at www.summit08.co.nr

Some of the Posters done by ATM are given below. Comment your suggestions:

P.S: Kindly note that you should never register in any site with cecsummit08[at]gmail[dot]com as email. If you want to register anything in the name of SUMMIT (Some utilities or like that), kindly use the following ID:


However, you may use “cecsummit08” as the username in certain web pages, but don’t use the official email ID as your contact ID there.

It’s for keeping our official ID clean without spams. Kindly co-operate. The password of this ID is same as that of our official ID.