Do things go slow?

Hi all,

59 Days to go

“Yesterday is gone……
Today is fleeting……..
And tomorrow is yet to come…….”

— R. K Narayan .

Yes…. it seems time has wings… and we are absolutely running in short of time. Some people have asked if the works are going a bit slow. But our answer to them is an emphatic and big NO. The works are still going fine and much faster, I would say. We admit that there are some problems for us in conveying all these to you time by time. It’s ‘coz of the lack of time, I repeat.

Some guys from here had gone to Ernakulam yesterday for printing works. They include: Arjun, Sanoop, Sojo, Jofin, Rahul and ATM (And there’s a happy news that ATM’s second essay has been published in Electronics For You magazine. It’s about Encoding and Decoding techniques using JAVA. The former was Measuring Processor Speed using JAVA. The former was published while he’s in S3. Hats off to him for this wonderful and great endeavour). Those people were a success in taking quotations from different printing companies for SUMMIT related works. The final decision regarding to whom the quotation is to be given is under consideration.

And they could meet the Swadheshi people too, and had a chat with them regarding India Vision 2020. They were very much supportive and gave some suggestions too.

Arun M and Sajan went to Alappuzha for meeting the district authorities in regard of India Vision 2020. Unfortunately or fortunately, the last date of applying was 18th, the day they went. However, the head of the said team was satisfied with the intention of these two guys and was glad to invite both of them to his house, too, to show them the Bio-gas plant implemented in his house. He gave them the applications which are to be sent as soon as possible, duly signed by the Principal. But, we are running in short of time and are afraid if we can meet it or not. Let’s try our level best.

And works of corporate brochure and all going well. The problem is that we don’t have enough working hours. However, the team working behind it is damn confident of doing it on time. We are supposing to get the corporate brochure printed at least by tomorrow.

Catch you all very soon with the latest updates……