Hi all,

As you all know, CEC is blest with a no. of professional and non-professional organizations. Generally, organizations are meant to be the platforms to showcase your respective talents and commitments. However, I am sad to say that many of the forums in CEC are not up to the mark. Many of them do not have office bearers too. But in the past, it was not the case. And as we are the ongoing CECians, we can blame nobody else, but us. Nevertheless, let me opine that forums like IEEE, PRODDEC, etc. are still on heat and congrats to all behind them.

What I am trying to convince you through this post is that we are not utilizing the actual cream of those organizations. Recently, one of my friends in CEC asked me, “Should we need this much of organizations? Why can’t we do the same with just one or two? And it’s really tedious to run this no. of forums in a small college like ours.” I was dumb at this question, because I had no thread for counterfeiting.

However, my stand point is that we need different organizations for different purposes. My friend’s question seems to be one like “Why should we need Porotta, Chappathi and all? Can’t we do it with rice alone?” It’s meaningless. But every organization should stand for the benefit of the institution and the students. They should complete the mission and vision of our college.


Hope you are getting my point. I suggest the office bearers of all organizations should come up with new ideas to implement. I would like to remind you one thing – we are all professional students, and the college expects some inputs, that too something professional, from us too and we should fulfill it. The most important thing to be kept in mind is that what ever you do should be for the good of a mass of people. It shouldn’t be focused to a small group of students (unfortunately all the benefits go to a minority, as of now). Hope you all will take it as a positive criticism.


In this semester, IEEE and PRODDEC have conducted some workshops and seminars. But all the other organizations remained idle. FOCES had done almost nothing, but FLOSS CELL did something great with Linux classes (special congrats to Renjith I.S of S5-C and crew for leading such a class).

I wonder if we all are aware of the fact that there are immense fundings for our organizations, which are left unused every year, especially the community service funding from TEQIP that can be utilized through NSS and all. We are planning how to use it beneficially in association with SUMMIT ’09 and its pre-exhibition; hope it will work out. NSS conducted a two-day community service program in the last semester, and it’s a great success. We expect more in the next semester too.

Our college’s forestry club – AARANYAKAM – is one which is recognized by the forestry department of Govt. of Kerala. But it’s been dead all these time; at least we could conduct a visit to any hill area or a forest and we could even hire a community service through NSS near Wayanad-like areas.

I am concluding my points…. What we all need is to relive all the dead organizations so that all CECians can be a part of at least one organization and can have satisfaction by working for their college, from which they could get some personal benefits too. We should do better in the next semester and let’s stand united for this purpose, as usual!!!

CEC Rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Best Regards,
Sanoop Thomas.