Academic Representative, College Magazine, Building, SUMMIT, National Seminar at CEC


Hi all,


It’s been a few days since I came up with an update, right? Well, We were having exams these days and it will end on 5th. Classes for S8 have started and many of them are in hurry of finding their main projects.


The selection of a CECian as the representative to CUSAT academic matters is asked to be done. The senate advisor got the notification from CUSAT via Principal recently. The rule is that the representative must be one with no arrears and having an attendance percentage of at least 80. The Principal has to nominate a  person. The nomination shall be done officially before December 5, and updates shall be posted as the case may be.


Another news, the work of the college building is about to start. There have been regular meetings at the college and I could find some people from IHRD too, whom I suppose to have come for the said purpose. Heard that Mr. Madhusoodanan Nair (Sl. Lect. in Physics) had been given the supervisory charge of the same, and I don’t know if it’s true. Also, the tenders are not affordable so far, and the authorities are looking forward to having an appropriate one. However, something big is gonna happen in the near future itself.


Regarding college magazine of the academic year 2007-08, are in press and expected to be out by the start of January, 2009. Mr. Sharon Vinod and crew have made it a great work and we all are eagerly waiting for the same. I am sorry that I can’t post further details about the magazine, as the chief editor has asked me not to do so.


Ms. Sarakkutty J (Sl. Lect. in Mathematics), one who prepares the college academic calender, said that we will really be running in short of time in the forthcoming even semester, as only 68 working days will be available for teaching. As per the norms, at least 75 working days should be there. This includes, tour of S6, Sports, College Day, Recruitments, Mini/Main Projects, Series Examinations… In fact, there’s no enough time for teaching. And there’s a national seminar(symposium) by TEQIP in our college during February first week, which is the part of Instructor-Knowledge-Enhancement programs by TEQIP. It takes five working days. The number of academic days is really pathetic, I would say.


So, the authorities said that if tour of S5 will be conducted from 13-21 December, 2008 it will be very difficult to find dates for SUMMIT in this tight semester. The only go before us is postponing SUMMIT to the next academic year, i.e. probably in June or July, 2009. The final decisions on this issue has not been taken. I expect the executive members of SUMMIT will be meeting the authorities soon for a decision.


Regaring IEEE Global Student Congress, the Region 10 received 7 proposals from the whole region, out of which they selected 3 proposals – Kerala, Brisbane and Singapore – and I suppose, they are gonna make it a joint-event. All these three sections will be carrying the organizational responsibilities. Final decision regarding cooperation in the organizing lies with the sections.




1. While going through the manuscripts of the ongoing college magazine, I found an attractive essay on the history of Chengannur, in which I came to know a fact that “Perunthachan”, the very famous architect accidently (?) killed his son, while they were indulged in the construction of “Koothambalam” of Chengannur Mahadeva Temple. The above story is very famous among all of us, and is one of the major folks for Youth Fests and Arts competitions. But it took place at Chengannur temple was really a new knowledge.

2. Recently, I Googled for Images of Thiruvathira. The result was amazing that the first result is a picture of CEC Onam Celebrations. Girls of 2009 batches performs Thirvathira in the centre court.

Will be back soon with more updates… stay tuned.


Best Regards,

Arunanand T A