Senate Minutes – Dated: 05-Dec-2008


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DETAILS OF SENATE MEETING Dated: 05th December, 2008

An executive meeting (2nd meeting of the 2008-’09 Senate) of the college senate was held on this date, being presided over by Prof.(Dr.) V P Devassia, the Principal.


Decisions taken:


1.      College Web Site Updation: To be done properly by the senate; a team has to be formed soon, under the guidance of the college faculty.



2.      Review of MALHAR 08- the Arts Fest: Off-stage events were not allowed to be conducted during class hours this time, so it’s found very tedious to complete events by 6:30 PM. Suggestion was made to the Principal to grant duty leave with attendance for those who participate in off-stage events next year onwards. The Principal has reminded that we should utilize time in an effective manner.



3.      SUMMIT 09: As the even semester of 2008-’09 is too tight for SUMMIT 09 to be included, the senate has requested to postpone it to the next semester, i.e. odd semester of 2009-’10. It shall be at the starting of the semester, for which a proposal to be submitted by the senate well in advance, through the faculty coordinators.



4.      Intimation Facility: Notices regarding any program in the college shall be put in the notice boards, as applicable, for intimating the students regarding the same. The Principal has informed that the senate can propose additional notice boards, if needed.



5.      Maintenance: Regarding the maintenance of board in the basket ball court, action is in pipeline. The Principal has asked the senate to report such needs through the propoer channel and also at the proper time.



6.      College Canteen: Principal would meet the head of the canteen committee to solve the problems that exist in reagard of food quality.



7.      Library Fine: The senate request the Principal to withdraw the high rate of fine imposed on the library books, but he refused the request saying that it’s the decision of the academic council, for all students to get the benefit of the library.



8.      Senate Meetings: Suggestion for conducting the senate meetings frequently is made and approved.



9.      Revaluation: Revaluation result of S1 & S2 of 2006 Admissions has yet not been published. Also, the fees remitted have not been returned, though a full revaluation of engineering Physics and Computer Programming papers were done by the university free of cost for all students. Hence it’s suggested to give a request for returning the aforesaid fees, duly forwarded by the Senate Advisor.



10.  Increasing SAF: Since the Student Amenities Fund (SAF) now obtained is found insufficient, the senate requested further increase, to which the Principal asked for submitting a proposal.



 Meeting was attended by:


1.   Advisor                                        –           Mr. Biju R Mohan

2.   Chairman                                    –           Mr. Suraj Sebastian

3.   Vice Chairperson                    –           Ms. Manju Das

4.   General Secretary                   –           Mr. Akhil Dev A V

5.   Sports Club Secretary           –           Mr. Jerin George

6.   Arts Club Secretary               –           Mr. Laiju K Raju

7.   Magazine Editor                     –           Mr. Sajeesh E S

8.   Treasurer                                  –           Mr. Nirmal K Thomas

9.   S4-D Representative            –           Mr. Richie Sam Oommen

10.  S4-C Representative           –           Ms. Deepthy Thomas



* All details as adopted from the Executive Minutes Book






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Arunanand T A, 2010 Computer Science and Engineering.


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Arunanand T A,

2010 Computer Science and Engineering.