Women in College Senate – My Reply

Hi all,
I am happy to see that PT Chetan’s blog has become an online rendezvous for all CECians.
Regarding the post below, I am afraid that the post has come out of some misunderstanding of the senate rules of the college. I have posted this post itself as a comment to the post below. But, I would like all of you to understand the real situation. As far as I understand from the currently existing constitution, it doesn’t say that only 1 girl must be selected to the senate. I think it would be okay if I describe it here:
1. There are 7 executive senators, out of which one post is reserved for girls. But it’s not instructed that the rest 6 posts are for boys.
2. There are one representatives from each class. As you all know, there are two reps in every class – one boy and one girl. One of these will be sent to the senate as a rep of the class. There’s no such restriction that it should be a boy. Even then, to ensure the representation of girls in senate, it’s mandatory to include a special girl member from each year, apart from the class rep. It’s the same case with the current Indian Assembly System. Also, as in bus, there’re seats reserved for women, and other seats are general seats, as far as the constitution is concerned.
I am having S6 University exams now. Catch you all later. And thanks to PT for making me an author in this blog.
Thanking you,
Arunanand T A,
2006-2010 Computer Science and Engineering.