Senate Executive for 2009-2010.


The Senate Executive for the academic year 2009-2010 took office on the 27th of August in a modest swearing-in ceremony held at the college centre court at 3.30pm after class-hours. The outgoing General Secretary, AkhilDev A.V welcomed the gathering. The Principal gave the presidential address, and the Senate Advisor, Jayadeep sir spoke about the role of the Senate in CEC activities.  This was followed by the swearing-in of the new Executive. The Chairman , Arunanand T.A. addressed the CECians.

Each the elected ones took the oath of office- ” I ………. herby swear in the name of God …………..”.

The Senate Executive is :

1. Arunanand T.A. (S7D) Chairman

2. Deepthi Thomas (S5C) Vice-chairperson

3. Jibin John (S5B) General Secretary

4. Rejo George Varghese (S5A) Arts Secretary

5. Philip Cherian (S5C) Sports Secretary

6.Shibin M.K.  (S5D) Magazine Editor

7.Avin (S3B) Treasurer

8. Bipin S (S3D) Sub-editor

CEC wishes them the very best in the discharge of their formal duties.


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