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IEEE Technical Symposium in LaTeX 2009


Explore the Technical Typesetting Open Source Tool



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Venue  :  Computer Lab 1, College of Engineering Chengannur

Date   :  5th, 6th of December 2009(Saturday & Sunday)

Organizer :  College of Engineering, Chengannur


LaTeX is a document preparation tool for producing professional looking technical

conference/journal papers and reports, books, and thesis.

Just started your degree? You’ll get a thorough introduction, so you’ll be making great looking papers and reports from the start of your degree.

Midway through? Don’t tear your hair out writing your thesis in Microsoft Word. With this workshop you’ll learn how to avoid the heartache and breeze  through your write-up.


Already know some LaTeX? We’ll help you move to the next level – all the stuff you wished you could do but couldn’t work out how to.

Why is this workshop useful to you?

  • You need to write technical papers – and your thesis.
  • Your papers need to have maths, equations, formulae…
  • You need to reference other peoples’ papers, have a numbered bibliography, maintain a database of the papers you’ve read, make indexes, tables of contents, etc.

LaTeX can make all of these things very easy for you. So you can focus on the most important thing – the content.

Workshop Contents

A brief description of the workshop is as follows:

  • Basic features in latex:
    • Document Class : article , report , seminar
    • Basic Command User Interfaces
    • Enumeration
  • Advanced Features:
    Writing Mathematical Equations
    References and Bibliography, Citation
    Latex-to-PDF and PStricks
  • Formatting and Preparation of Technical Papers (No. 2).

Resource Person


Prof. (Dr.) E. Krishnan is the Head of Dept of Mathematics, University College, Trivandrum. E. Krishnan, is one of the authors of the LaTeX primer2 published as an electronic book by the Indian TeX User Group. He has played an important role in establishing the Free Software Foundation of India. He is one of the greatest mathematicians in India and is also the student of well known mathematician K.S.S Nambooripad.


Students and faculty members from technical institutions are eligible for the workshop.

Registration Fees*

  • For College/University Teachers Rs. 500.
  • For IEEE Student Members Rs. 250.
  • For Non-IEEE Student Members Rs.350.
    Registered participants will get LaTeX C.D. containing LaTeX and other free software, LaTeX primer written by Indian TeX users group.


*:- IEEE members claiming discount will have to write their member number on the field provided in the application form. They should also bring their IEEE badge on all days of the workshop. The number of seats is limited to 25 and will be filled on a first-come first-served basis. The course fee includes lunch and refreshments during the workshop days.


Participants will have to pay the workshop fees by cash on the opening day of the workshop. For registration check the registration link :


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