Proposals accepted by word

Ah… at last…..

Our efforts of not less than 3 months have come to an end; but a start for another beginning. Now the game is on in the proper channel. Today we had a presentation session before the staffs: Ms. Nisha Kuruvilla, Ms. Sarakkutty, Mr. Anil Kumar C.V, Mr. Ajith Sen, Mr. Biju, Mr. Ashok T. Special congrats to Arjun R. Pillai and team for such an impressive presentation.

Here’s a presentation of SUMMIT 08 we presented before the staffs:

All of them seemed to be very supportive, but they couldn’t help criticizing certain events and all. They are absolutely against for “Fun Zone”. They have asked us not to include other professional groups’ programmes (CEC Nite) in our college, but our students’. It seems to be an interesting one; but we cited sponsorship as an important and major issue if we avoid cultural events completely. Then, Mr. Ashok said that we need not bother about the sponsorship that we would lose because of excluding cultural events and that they are ready to pool extra sponsorship through our staffs’ contacts like Mr. Liju Philip’s. We dunno if it would be practicable to avoid cultural completely and go for extra sponsorship. Let’s see…

And now we are confident that it will be officially accepted by day after tomorrow. Mr. Ajith Sen sir is the proposed Staff Convener. This year the staff have assented to work with the students as they have provided us with a list of teachers specially dedicated for each event. They say that we should conduct SUMMIT this year, not as an event of students only, but as an event of the whole CEC – we are all happy.

On 4th June, 2008 soon after the first presentation for the staffs was over. Picture taken by Dawns Ichaayan. These guys with Ms. Susanna M. Santhosh of S5-C were at the presentation venue (Oh… God.. We were seeing such a furnished A/C conference hall of our college for the first time. We didn’t know that there is such one there. It’s near our Gim)