Thanks to Pascale Vicat-Blanc Primet

Hi all,

98 Days to go

There is a happy news for you all… Ms. Pascale Vicat-Blanc Primet, a great French Lady working on GRID networking has agreed to co-operate with us for video conferencing. This is achieved mainly by the effort of our G.C: Mr. Arjun R. Pillai; hats-off to him. Her details can be had from the following URL:

(For those who don’t know French, kindly use . It’s the language tool provided by Google. (Some of us are not aware of most of the common services given by Google. From today onwards, we will introduce to you some of the common services given by Google. Hope you all willl enjoy it)

She has asked us to provide her collaborator with the technical details of the conference. ATM is working on it with the great suggestions from K.J. Most probably, a demo conference will be conducted in the next week itself, with any one of the local host.

We are all happy that our very first endeavour in finding the speakers is a success. And tomorrow, a group of students are going to Ernakulam, to have some discussions with a great guy there, to have some great resource persons(This contact was given by Ansha V Thomas of S5-B; thanks to her). Tomorrow’s agenda includes visiting Energid (thanks to Shaun chettan) and some printing institutes.

Today Arjun and Arunanand had a long session with our Principal. They had about 5 requests with them. Seeing them all, the Principal couldn’t help giving lots of advice, as usual, we would say. But the fact is that, whatever suggestions he gives will be of higher professional and organizational values. He’s really a supportive Principal, and it’s known to only those who knows him well. ANd he’s given us permission to present before the parents about SUMMIT 08 for 15 minutes at the end of PTA forum formation in our college on 14th of this month. There’s no decision regarding the Office room for SUMMIT yet. We have no free rooms left in the college. Such one left is supposed to be given to PRODDEC. However, we too are strongly trying for one. It’s a well-known fact that we can’t work without an office room.

But, he’s asked us to do everything in some preset manner or channel. What he said is, if we need to get something done, the studnet in charge of that should give it in writing to the staff concerned and should be forwarded through that staff itself. We also think that that’s the correct professional way to do things, but unfortunately, we are running in short of time and it’s impossible to find the student as well as the staff in charges for the time being is a very very tedious task. That we have to speak to Mr. Ajithsen soon.

The informal contacts and letters for Dr. APJ are being performed. And we expect a positive result in the near future itself.

Today, Mr. K.J asked us to send the cash needed for registering the domain name. And now the domain is registered and the website is supposed to be hosted by the end of the next week. Toms has almost completed the registration works. Hats-off to him.

It’s very sad to see that the heads of the committees are working somewhat irresponsible, we would indeed emphasize, except a few. Actually, there are about 30 heads and only 15 were present in the meeting conducted last day. Other people couldn’t attend the meeting due to some technical reasons. But most of those who were present in the meeting have not worked out the plan. The meeting had asked them just to collect the contacts with Phone number and Email ID of the members of his/her committee. But SUMMIT is very sad and annoyed to see that only: Jithesh, Nithin Sam Oommen, John Paul, Sajeesh, Cerene and Sandeep have done it to date. Thanks to them, especially to Sandeep for the work done in a systematic and professional manner.

Today, the Principal asked us to give him a rough draft of what we expect from him as an ‘Intro’ in the corporate brochure. We had asked him to write one, but he asked us to do it and give it to him for necessary corrections. We were happy to see his positive response and we think it’s necessary to specify Ms. Adheena Alex’ name for preparing a highly professional and formal draft for the same.

And our seniors are helping us in all means. Especially, Mr. K.J, Mr. Githin, Mr. J.K, Mr. Dennis, Mr. Alan Haggai, Mr. Sooraj C.G, etc. This list is not complete. (Sorry if we missed anyone)

Answers to yesterday’s Questions

Question 1: The answer is strstr()

Question 2: No answer.
Explanation: The question itself is illogical. Because there’s only 9 places to be filled and 10 digits which must be used exactly once, which is so impossible.

Today’s Question

Question 1

Which will be the correct output for the program module given below:

void main()
char str[]=”peace”;
char *s=str;


A) peace
B) eace
C) ace
D) ce

Question 2

How many squares are there in a chess board?

Today’s Google Service

Google Notebook: Suppose you are browsing through the net. And if there is a tool like notepad which helps you to note down certain small small, but important things very easily. Then here’s the solution: Google notebooks. Just go to the following link and download the Notebook browser extension and surf on…. What all you have to do is, just right click on the text or page you want to note down, and just click on “note this”. Simple,but useful….. That will be stored to your Google account and you can sort them and what not…..!!!