Ernakulam trip – Fruitful

97 Days to go

Hi all,
Today, a small team including Arjun, Arunanand, Sanoop, Susanna and Ansha went to Ernakulam. Our first aim was to arrange a workshop for SUMMIT. Shaun chettan really took pains for helping us. He took an appointment for us, waited for about 2 hours for us and came with us. We had a small meeting with the In-charge of workshop and workshop is arranged whose details will be announced later. Thank you so much for Shaun chettan for his dedicated and selfless work and support he has given us. He is also helping us in the arrangement of NDLP(Nationally Distinguished Lecturer Program). He said that he will talk to Mr.S.Gopakumar, National Coordinator, NDLP, India Council, Kerala Section(IEEE). In this context, we think it is essential to tell that ACV Sir of our college was the first person to talk to Gopakumar sir and that to on his on will. Thanks to him too.

The approximate expense of different print-outs like Posters, Brochures, Fluxes etc. is collected. The prices climbed a little above our expectations, but we wont be compromising on the quality of any.

The next agenda was a meeting with SWADESHI SCIENCE MOVEMENT (whose office is situated in Sastra Bhavan,4B Block,Mather square,opposite North railway station,Kochi. This meeting may be considered as the greatest leap for SUMMIT08 till now. The meeting was a very new and wonderful experience for all of us. They whole heartedly extended their help in arranging seminars, inviting resource persons etc.. Thanks to Jayettan, Arjunettan, Shanojettan and all the others working for the movement. The contact to SWADESHI MOVEMENT was provided by Ansha, whose brother also works for the same. Thanks a bunch to Ansha and her brother.

Meeting is going on…

A little of fun too in between…

Jayettan-He is a gem…

So today’s trip to Ernakulam was a very fruitful one…

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