CAMPION '09 Meeting Minutes II Dated: 15-Jul-2009

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Here’s the CAMPION ’09 Meeting Minutes dated: 15-Jul-2009.

Meeting 2

Date    : 15th July, 2009, Wednesday

Venue : Auditorium, College of Engineering Chengannur.

The second meeting for the purpose of conducting Campion ’09 was held at the auditorium of College of Engineering Chengannur at 2:25 PM. The meeting was presided over by Mr. C R Ajith Sen, Lecturer in Physical Education, Sl. Gr.

The following executive committee posts were filled in this meeting, which remained unfilled so far. They are:

  1. P.R.O                                      –     Mr. Sanoop Thomas
  2. T-Shirts                                 –      Mr. Shyam R
  3. Addon Programs              –      Mr. Ratheesh S  & Mr. Sarath Vallathol
  4. Designing-in-Charge       –      Mr. Anoop Thomas M
  5. Web Designing                   –      Mr. Jofin Joseph

Other major decisions taken include:

Prize Coupon:

  • No Specification of prizes in normal prize coupons.
  • Prize coupons with denomination Rs. 5/- can be printed at the college itself, and the logo of Campion shall be included.
  • At the time of admission of new batch (as the case may be), a special prize coupon with denomination Rs. 25/- shall be distributed among the parents.  These shall carry special prizes exclusively for the first years.
  • Lucky dips shall be introduced 30 days before the event and that for new admissions also should be made well in advance.
  • During Onam vacations, give the lucky dips to different batches for distribution at their house premises.
  • Fix the dates of printing works and produce a model in the next meeting.


  • An outline of the budget was presented by the Treasurer. It excluded the expense for technical enhancement and the inaugural ceremony, as they cannot be calculated as of date. In the next meeting, the respective in charges shall produce the same.


  • A detailed tariff could not be furnished. The same shall be produced in the next meeting.
  • Mr. C R Ajith Sen has advised to take much care not to make a clash between SUMMIT 09, CAMPION 09 and Magazine sponsorships. The prior importance should be given for SUMMIT 09 in this period of time.
  • Contact a person (details shall be given later to the Sponsorship-in-Charge) the next week itself.
  • Bill books should be made ready as soon as possible.
  • Use common contacts (in the sense, those who regularly sponsor us) for sponsorships.
  • Fix the date of Sponsorship commencement.
  • Collect the contacts from the juniors (media and other acquaintances)

Other suggestions/decisions were as follow:

  • Certificates shall be given to the finalists and to the executive committee members and shall be printed at the college itself.
  • Mr. Amal D Mukund, the in-charge of Invitation and Registration shall be having additional charges of Certificates.
  • Details of the technical enhancement and inaugural ceremony shall be furnished in the next meeting.
  • Bike stunt for the inaugural ceremony was suggested, but it was summarily rejected as the event is supposed to be completely inside the ground.
  • Mr. Sojo James, the Banner-in-Charge shall be having additional charges of printing works.
  • A limited number of brochures shall be printed. It shall be done at the college itself.
  • Invitation process shall commence at least 45 days before the college, and the in-charge must start the procedures. For the official invitation, last year’s format shall be followed. In the initial level procedure, official brochures need not be propagated.
  • Endeavours are made to find the fund to fix a net/wall at the back of goal posts with the aid of IHRD funding. If it’s not applicable, it shall be met with the College Sports Fund.
  • Mr. Jerin George, the Sports Secretary of the college must contact the Sports Secretaries/Football Captains of other IHRD Engg. Colleges and shall pass the information about the event unofficially. It shall be performed as soon as possible.
  • For the video coverage, the needed equipment shall be taken from the college.
  • As mentioned earlier, Mr. Shyam R will be the in-charge of CAMPION 09 T-shirts. Special care must be taken not in quantity, but in quality. Also, timely delivery to be taken care of. Details shall be furnished in the next meeting itself.
  • As decided, Mr. Sojo will be looking into Receipt book printing also. This shall be done at the college after consultation with Mr. C R Ajith Sen.
  • Certain add-on programmes/competitions shall be conducted in between matches, if and only if time permits. Mr. Ratheesh S has been allotted its charge.
  • A 30 days countdown shall be placed at the centre court. This has been marked as a good idea by the committee and shall be looked into with a technical perspective by introducing a digital countdown. Its feasibility must be studied and details shall be given in the next meeting by the person in charge.
  • Financial aid from PTA shall be requested by the Senate.
  • Scoreboard shall be the same as that of the last year. Check the brightness and its present condition.
  • A suggestion was made in regard of the CAMPION 09 balloon, and the executive committee has suggested that it should be looked into with an economical perspective, whether it’s cost-effective.
  • As in the last year, special awards shall be given to Best Goal Keeper, Best Scorer, Best Defender, Best Emerging Player and Best Player.
  • Apart from the special awards above, a new suggestion was made before the committee by Mr. Vishnu Sree G to declare a dream team with 5 members, considering all the participating teams. This suggestion was welcomed by the committee with special remark to Mr. Vishnu Sree G.
  • Judges for determining the special awards shall be assigned. Judges must be veterans, and a good set of criterions for those awards must be published before the event.
  • Invitations-in-Charge has been assigned the duty of inviting seniors and alumni. Send mail to the CECians Google Group: inviting them to the event and requesting sponsorship.
  • Special requests shall be sent to the selected alumni for sponsorship (E.g. recently placed in MNCs)
  • Sports Secretary was entitled to prepare a list of four students from 2008 batch (2 years prior to ours), those shall be invited as special delegates during the event and shall be recognized for their sport and game skills. All males and females (not only from football arena) are to be considered.
  • Special gift for the “Best Seller of Lucky Dip” shall be given, as done in previous years.
  • Duty leaves shall be given only in justifiable condition with proper purpose. The organizing secretary must take special care to clear all the duty leave forms on or before the Friday of a week. This condition shall be made flexible during the last days of organizing.
  • Theme Music of CAMPION 09 and other music related jobs have been allotted to Mr. Fredie Thomas (2006-10 CS-C).
  • Permission for entering various classes for the purpose of announcing and declaring the event shall be given after a few days.
  • All the executive members are privileged to form their own sub-committees for proper functioning of their committee, as and when required.
  • For CAMPION 09 website, decision has been taken not to buy space and domain, but to use the sub-domain of college website as well as space. Mr. Jofin Joseph (2006-10 CS-D), Web Master of the college has already been intimated about this.
  • Regarding the B-Team of the college, decisions shall be taken later. Mr. C R Ajith Sen has advised the Tournament Secretary to build up a good set of rules under such cases (cases when B-Team has to play for the event to continue)
  • A suggestion was made from the 2006-10 batch that they are willing to endow a new trophy for CAMPION in the loving memory of their batch mate Late. Mr. Vishakh Vasu, which shall be an ever-rolling one. In this case, the existing old trophy shall be replaced and the old one shall be used for any other purpose viz. Annual Sports Meet. However, the final decision regarding this is yet to be taken in the forthcoming meeting.

The next meeting is scheduled to be conducted on 27th July, 2009, Monday at 4:00 PM.

The meeting was concluded with Mr. Ajith Sen asking the executive committee to work with harmony and ensure maximum participation so that CAMPION shall be much more colourful this time, in all sense, than in previous years.


[Attendees are from 2006-10 batches. Those who are from different batches have been marked likewise]

  1. Mr. C R Ajith Sen [Lr. in Physical Education, Sl. Gr.]
  2. Mr. Manu Raj
  3. Mr. Arunanand T A
  4. Mr. Prince P Sivan
  5. Mr. Nithin Sam Oommen
  6. Mr. Vishnu Sree G
  7. Mr. Aby Jacob [2005-09]
  8. Mr. Ullas Unnikrishanan
  9. Mr. Deepak P
  10. Mr. Jijil K I
  11. Mr. Jerin George
  12. Mr. Shanavas M
  13. Mr. Abhiram S
  14. Mr. Jaseen Jamal
  15. Mr. Dawns John
  16. Mr. Vishnu Mohan
  17. Mr. Amal D Mukund
  18. Mr. Deepak Devanand
  19. Mr. Shyam R
  20. Mr. Najeeb M A
  21. Mr. Aravind Manjooran
  22. Mr. Vipin K
  23. Mr. Laiju K Raju
  24. Mr. Sojo James


Arunanand T A,

Organizing Secretary,