Infrasructure development in CEC

Hey guys,

The renovation work of the college building was a longtime dream of CECians.. The future developments in CEC are dependent on the  completion of the work pertaining to the second buliding which forms the part of the original layout of CEC..

We guys have some great news..The tender has been taken up by the PWD as most if you must have already known.The tender is  a  general works Tender and the building plan and such stuff have been accepted. The tender was to close on the 23rd of July,2009 but has been extended to the 19th of August. The tender is one which calls for several contractors for the various works.And a group of contractors will be selected form a list of many.   The contractors related to construction work have already accepted the tender and only the contractors for the Electrical work need to be approved…and that is reason for the extention of the tendering process.

As of now, there is no hindrance  to the work from starting.  If everything goes according to the plan, the work can begin within a month after the tender is taken. The estimated  time for completion is 18 months, and the cost estimate is 2 crore rupees. 45 lakhs have already been given for the work to start.

The building can hopefully be occupied within a year and the first two floors will be given the priority, according to the Principal’s office. In that case the EE branch can be moved over to there with some extended facilities..and the M. Tech programme in CEC can begin  at the earliest, once the work is complete.

Hoping for the best,

Richie (2007-11 CS).

Courtesy for info. : The Principal , CEC.