CEC Alumni Meet 2013 – Report

Following is the minutes of CEC Alumni Meet 2013, held at CEC on July 13, 2013.

Date: 13.07.2013
Venue: College of Engineering, Chengannur
Time: 10.00am To 11.30pm

The discussion had an active participation of more than 50 alumnus of CEC, and was presided over by Baiju K U (97 batch), the President of the CECAA. Here are a few things that came up during the discussion.

• How to improve participation in the alumni meet.

Importance of the Alumni Association and the activities of the association needs to spread through batches. Identifying active batch rep is a challenge. Those who can take the responsibility of each batches should come forward

Volunteers for the next year

– 2011- Anoop Ninan George
– 2005 Ribu Thomas
– 2006 Ann Dahlia George
– 2003 Kiran, Sony

CEC Alumni Meet 2013
CEC Alumni Meet 2013 (some are missing in the pic)

We have to identify other batch reps for taking the activities to the batch level.
Call for Alumni members to join Alumni Facebook group. Those who are already a member of this group should add more alumnus to this group

• Improve give and take relations

· Divya Sreeram mediacl emergency fund transferred to alumni account.

· CEC AA can do a lot of things with its current strength if at least 50% of its members respond to the initiatives

· Fund raising is still not in the agenda.

• Internship program

· Ask your own companies about the same- Jofin(2010)

· Ensure output for students placed as interns

· Screening of interns to be toughened to ensure output

· Remote internship

o Shahin (97 batch) promised remote internship with certificate from PHILIPS, Bangalore

• Alumni mentor program: Facebook shall be used for the same purpose
· Alumni can guide students to do projects of their interest

· Alumni would ensure the availability of labs for doing projects

• Orientation for the new engineers: request from cec. A programme for all 420 new joinees. This has to happen in august.

· Alumni members available in Kerala during this time will do this

Office Bearers for 2013-14

EXEC COMMITTEE : Sunil Govind(1998), Kiran Chandramohan (2003), Sony Soman Pillai (2003), Arun Anand (2010), Sanoop Thomas (2010), Jofin (2010), Richie Sam Oommen(2011), Harisankar (2012)

Thanks to everyone who attended. Those who missed it please come for the Silver jubilee celebration of CEC in 2014.


Arunanand T A,
CEC 2010